Nursing Home Ministry

Ministry Leaders
Minister Ricky and Crystal Perez

Our purpose is to show the love and power of Christ to the saving of souls, setting free of the captive, lifting up of the down trodden, healing of the sick and afflicted (spiritually, mentally, physically or wherever the wound may be).  To take the Word of God to people who can't make it to the church and help create a Christian Community within the nursing home.

What We Do

Every 4th and 5th Sunday we take a team of volunteers to Sunrise Pointe Nursing Home where we have a Church Service with the residents.  We PRAISE and WORSHIP with them, share the WORD OF GOD, take time to PRAY FOR THEM and SHOW THEM THE LOVE OF CHRIST.  We also provide them with Bibles, flowers, stuffed animals and decorations for their rooms.  We have taken them on bus trips to see the Christmas Lights and we are planning many more events for them in the days to come.  Not forgetting those who Care for Them on a regular basis; we do a Cookout for the Staff where we fire up the grill and let the EMPLOYEES know The LORD HASN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THEM.


While we have seen THE LORD DO MANY THINGS through this ministry; here are 3 things that stand out.
  1. We have seen many people saved through this ministry here is one that stands out. There was a 93 YEAR OLD GENTLEMAN who wasn't even part of the service.  We were leaving and he was in the hallway a couple of the ladies stop and took time to talk to him, WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES HE ACCEPTED CHRIST AS HIS SAVIOUR right there in the hallway (it was a beautiful thing to see).
  2. At a Cook-Out we did for the staff we had the opportunity to talk with many of the employees THEY WERE ENCOURAGED by the thought that GOD APPRECIATED THE THINGS THEY DO FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T DO FOR THEMSELVES.  However the thing that stood out that day was when we had the chance to talk with A YOUNG MAN ON THE STAFF AND WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES HE ACCEPTED CHRIST AS HIS SAVIOUR standing next to a tree, on a lawn, over hamburgers and hot dogs... WHAT AN AWESOME MOMENT!   
  3. After one of the services while we were praying with the residents individually one of the brothers had the chance to talk with the husband of a lady who was suffering from Alzheimer.  The husband shared that SHE HAD FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING BUT JESUS, HIM AND THE LOVE THEY SHARE.  He had been up there to see her everyday but was having surgery himself and there was going to be a stretch of time when he couldn't see her, THE BURDEN OF NOT BEING THERE FOR HER WAS SO GREAT ON HIM HE BEGIN TO CRY.  The brother spoke A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO THE HUSBAND and took time to PRAY WITH THEM.  The man gave the brother a hug, thanked him and then said "HE HAD PEACE ABOUT IT".